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Connecting the Dots

Dickens Dream by R. W. Buss

Dickens’ Dream by R. W. Buss

I first encountered the concept of reincarnation during The Winter of My Discontent in rural Nova Scotia. With snow piled up past the window sills, I sat home alone by the wood stove trying to stay warm while my husband went off to work each day. I read every single one of my little leather-bound Charles Dickens books that winter. And as the days crawled by, I experienced a sort of existential crisis that went something like this: I’m not doing anything; I don’t want to do anything; therefore, I must not exist. Maybe it was the solitude, maybe it was my choice of literature, or maybe it was time for me to look more deeply into the crevices of my life.

Then as if in answer to an unsaid prayer, a friend appeared with a book on reincarnation. All I remember about that book is the blue cover and the author’s first name. But it touched me deeply, and I felt a knowing – a certainty that what I was reading was true. I had been intrigued by the paranormal all my life, but I hadn’t bumped into reincarnation until now. I didn’t know then what it was that made me feel better, but my spirits lifted enough to get me up out of my chair.

Since that winter, I’ve looked at the world through different eyes. I find it easier to understand relationships and seemingly random occurrences, misfortunes and illnesses. And I’ve come to understand just recently that spending that winter in Dickens’ London brought me back to that very traumatic lifetime with the man who was my father in this one. What I hadn’t been able to fathom though is why I, as Spirit, would choose to experience such pain and suffering. Another chat with Source would give me the answer.

The Source Weighs In

Yesterday morning when I consulted my animal oracle cards, I drew CARDINAL. According to the author of the cards Dr. Steven Farmer, cardinal represents an imbalance between spiritual pursuits and the world of the senses. This was the third time this card had shown up in two weeks. Clearly I wasn’t ‘getting’ the message. Have I been putting too much pressure on myself getting ready to confront the Oracle? Should I just relax and spend more time enjoying ‘earthly pleasures’?  I decided to put my questions to the Source.

C: Dear Spirit, PLEASE advise. What should I focus on right now to prepare for my journey?

S: REST. You have been told over and over to rest. Your tendency is to overdo, overachieve to the point of exhausting yourself. You can’t help others if your energy is weak.

C: What can I do right now to restore my energy?

S: Meditate. Find the method that works best for you. I suggest something that involves nature. Imagine yourself in beautiful outdoor environment with trees, flowers and animals – all the things you love. Feel the peace in that sacred place. Let it saturate every cell in your being knowing that the energy from that special place will restore you and keep you strong.

C: How about animal spirit guides? I’ve felt connected to so many animals, but lately I’ve been paying special attention to ravens and butterflies, and at one time I felt a special connection to the buffalo. Is it helpful for me to look for strength from the animal kingdom?

S: All of these animals are indeed good for you. Please continue to watch for them and listen for their messages. But right now, you need to pay attention to the tree spirits. You have been seeing and feeling them for some time now, and you must recognize their power and let it flow into your being. Connecting with tree spirits can give you great strength. This is what you need at this time.

live oakTrees . . . I had been noticing them more lately. Driving through Larkspur recently, a giant live oak with arms reaching every which way caught my eye, and I made a special point to stop and spend time touching its bark and admiring it’s beauty. And I had encountered another huge oak tree in Sonoma not long ago, this one even bigger than the one in Larkspur. Thought to have been around when the first English settlers arrived in North America in 1607, this tree is currently home to numerous birds including woodpeckers, jays, owls and hawks and at least two active bee hives. An awesome entity indeed.

And then I remembered the very first time I witnessed a tree being cut down. I was five or six years old and the tree was a beautiful white-barked birch, so tall that I could hardly see its top branches. Hearing the roar of a chain saw, I looked up and saw the tree slowly begin to fall to the ground. I didn’t understand why this was happening. I couldn’t imagine that there might be a good reason for removing that tree – to my young soul, this felt like murder. I’ve thought about that tree many times since then. Maybe I’ve been connected to tree spirits all this time without realizing it.

Okay, I’m getting the picture: rest, meditate, connect with nature – especially trees, dance, drum, and forgive. I haven’t mentioned that last one yet, have I? It’s another one of those things that’s been coming up repeatedly in different guises. Forgiveness can be hard and it can be scary, but it’s really, really important. I will share that boogyman with you soon – I promise.


Taking the First Step

Photo: Milos Bicanski/Getty Images
Photo: Milos Bicanski/Getty Images

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Before I booked my trip to Delphi, I was torn in two. I knew that I had to go, but I was terrified by the conversation I’d had with Source. The idea of being ‘tested’ was exciting in a way, but visions of Biblical plagues and of witches being burned at the stake started creeping into my mind. And then the fires started raging north of Athens, and I thought, ‘That’s it! I’m  not meant to go.”

But realizing that I didn’t need to leave in the next week or two, I began looking at flights. I found Matt Barrett’s site on all things Greek including ‘Getting a Cheap Flight to Greece’, but after exploring all the options there, I couldn’t see anything that looked better than what I was finding at Orbitz or Travelocity. And I didn’t like what I was seeing. Between changing planes in Paris (which I learned was a total nightmare), flying from SFO to Philadelphia, then to Frankfurt (with an 11 hour layover) and then to Athens, and flying on US Airways (which I wouldn’t even consider having read online reviews), I couldn’t find any combination of flights that ‘felt’ right. I kept checking back over a period of three days thinking that surely some wonderful new option would appear. It didn’t.

So I decided to have another chat with Source:

C: Dear Spirit, PLEASE help me with this project. I’m having a really hard time making arrangements for this trip. I need a sign that it’s time to move forward. PLEASE HELP!

S: (nothing)

C: Okay. So is this how it’s going to be? You push me off the cliff and I have to find a ledge to grab onto with no help from you?

S: (dead  silence)

Gathering up my courage, I decided to try another tack. I had flown British Airways to London and thought they might have flights to Athens. Bingo! Only one plane change at Heathrow going and coming back. And I love this airline! Still unable to press the ‘accept’ button, I decided to consult Colette Baron-Reid’s online Wisdom Cards. With the obvious question,  Is it time – should I just do it?, I selected a card and got TRUST:

This marker reminds you that trust is required to move forward on your path. Belief and trust in a Higher Power is about having faith that the outcome will be what it should be, no matter what it is. It is timely for you to place your trust in the Divine, in your angels, and in the knowledge that there is a Divine plan for all.

Well there was my answer. I guess Source answers our pleas in different ways.

One more thing . . .  Just as I was finishing this post, my next-door neighbor popped in with a free ticket to ‘San Francisco’s Only Greek Food Festival’ taking place right before I leave on my trip. How’s that for synchronicity?